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Rosemary ClooneySophisticated Lady是由歌手Rosemary Clooney演唱的歌曲,歌曲总时长02:55,该歌曲收录在Rosemary Clooney于2017-08-10发行的专辑《Follow Me》之中。如果您喜欢Sophisticated Lady歌词,可以通过本站下载Sophisticated LadyLRC歌词。感谢支持Rosemary Clooney,欢迎收藏或者分享求歌词网(给您的朋友!

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Sophisticated Lady - Rosemary Clooney (罗丝玛丽·克鲁妮)

They say into

Your early life

Romance came

And in this heart

Of yours

Burned a flame

A flame

That flickered

One day

And died away


With disillusion

Deep in your eyes

You learned

That fools in love

Soon grow wise

The years

Have changed you


I see you now

Smoking drinking

Never thinking

Of tomorrow


Diamonds shining

Dancing dining

With some man

In a restaurant

Is that all

You really want


Sophisticated lady

I know

You miss the love

You lost long ago

And when nobody

Is nigh you cry

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